Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is there a minimum order?
No. But, prices are most competitive at quantities over 300 copies. Student prices are determined by the number of pages, permission fees, and the number of copies ordered. Call us toll free at 800-535-2007 for an estimate of the student price.
Can I include previously published material?
Yes. Simply send us complete bibliographic information (author, title, publisher, date, copyright holder, page numbers, etc.). We clear permissions and pay all fees. Our experience with copyright clearance guarantees that copyright laws are upheld and saves you precious time. (You can include journal articles, material from periodicals, newspaper articles, and book chapters.)
What kind of commitment do I have to make?
Our Publishing Agreement is for one academic year.
Will I receive a royalty and/or desk copies?
Yes. A royalty can be built into the price of the book. Complimentary desk copies are provided for all instructors who teach the course.
Do I get to see my book before it is printed?
Yes. Provided your material is received by the deadline, our publishing schedule allows you to see page proofs before the book is printed.
What is your return policy?
Books are 100% returnable provided that books are returned by the end of the spring semester. We ask that bookstores contact us ahead of time with return quantity.
How do I submit my course material?
We can accept your course material in any format—files or hard copy. Electronic files may be sent via email, our Hightail account, or any file transfer method. We ask that any electronic images be at least 300 dpi for best reproduction. For hard copy submissions, we will provide our Fed Ex account information to you. Our flexibility allows you to send us your material “as is.” It might be “camera-ready” or in need of formatting or typesetting.
Do I have to sign a contract?
We have a one-page Publishing Agreement that our authors/editors sign stipulating the quantity of books to be ordered by their bookstore.
Is there any cost to the school?
No. In fact, most schools earn royalties on custom books. The books are ordered and sold through the college bookstore.
Who holds the copyright to the book?
Unlike many publishers, Tapestry Press copyrights your book in your name. This professional recognition is one of the rewards of authorship.
How often can I revise my book?
As often as every year. To keep your course material timely, we allow you the option to revise as much or as little as you like each year.